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In 2000 the Spanish road network consisted of 664, 610 km of roadways, 536,432 km of which are inter-city links, 10,443 km of the roadways are of large capacity; that is to say motorways, highways and dual carriageways. For the year 2000 road traffic was represented by 344,492 travelers-km and 263,827 million t-km, accounting for 90.1% and 82.3% of interior traveller and merchandise traffic respectively.


In 2000 the Spanish railway system extended for a total length of 14,250 km, 7,738 km of which where electrified. During the last year the Spanish railway system accounted for 5.3% of interior traveller and 3.8% of interior merchandise trafic. A high speed line (AVE) connects Madrid with Seville.


In 2001 traffic at 54 state-owned general interest ports amounted to 348.6 million metric tons of cargo and 18.5 million passengers, an increase of 3% and 7.4% respectively, compared to the previous year.


There are 42 commercial airports. In 2001 air traffic transported 142.9 million passengers and 583,352 metric tons of merchandise. Spanish airports recorded an increase of 2.8% in passenger traffic and a decrease of 5.6% in cargo traffic in 2001 with regard to the previous year.

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