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4/24/09 | VMT

OHL Negotiates Acquisition of New Construction Company in U.S.

OHL is discussing the possible acquisition of a new construction company in the United States, a strategically important market offering opportunities under the Obama administration’s infrastructure plan.


A new acquisition would reinforce the presence of this construction, services and concessions company in the U.S., where it already owns three construction companies in Florida.


According to OHL president Juan Miguel Villar Mir, “there will be a huge demand for privately funded infrastructure in the United States. We will follow this with interest and be there. This is a great opportunity.”


At a presentation to analysts at the company’s subsidiary, OHL Concessions, Villar Mir announced that in 2009, the construction division’s international turnover will surpass that of the domestic market for the first time. In 2008, construction in the national market brought in € 1.78 billion and € 1.42 billion from foreign markets.


The company comprises 26 concessions (22 highway, one airport, one harbor and two railroad) and in 2008 it earned over half of OHL´s Ebitda (56%) and 14% of its sales. In 2009, OHL Concessions is predicting a nearly 30% increase in turnover (over € 700 million) and around € 500 million in Ebitda.


The OHL president said that regarding the future, the company is already studying the possibility of positioning itself in Colombia, India and China in addition to the United States, and securing its five strategic markets (Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Spain).




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