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4/24/09 | VMT

Iberdrola Renewables Opens 202 MW Texas Wind Farm

The Spanish business journal El Economista announced that power utility Iberdrola recently opened a wind farm in the United States.


The 202 MW Peñascal wind farm is located in Kennedy, Texas, and uses 84 - 2.3 MW turbines from Mitsubishi, the manufacturer that has a 300 MW contract with Iberdrola. Peñascal is unique in that it has radar that can detect flocks of migrating birds and send a signal that will stop the machines if the birds are threatened by poor visibility. Iberdrola has spent more than 4, 000 hours studying the characteristics and behavior of birds in the area.


The Spanish company, in its commitment to local communities, signed a long term contract with Sarita Elementary School to support its new science lab. The local press described the wind farm as a “model of responsible development”.


According to Iberdrola estimates, the wind farm will generate power for 70,000 American families; prevent the emission of 60,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere; and allow savings of over 24, 000 tons of oil a year.



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