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6/1/09 | VMT

Obama´s Transportation Secretary Impressed by Spain’s AVE

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that he was very impressed by the 300 kph ride he took with Spanish Development Minister Jose Blanco on May 30 on Spain’s high-speed AVE train between Madrid and Zaragoza.


LaHood said that the Spanish AVE was the most cutting-edge high-speed rail system in the world. He told the press waiting for him at the Zaragoza-Delicias station that “Americans that have ridden the AVE always ask him why there aren’t any in the U.S. They would certainly like to have high-speed rail.”


Jose Blanco seconded LaHood’s positive impression, and said that his American counterpart made very glowing and praiseworthy comments during the train ride.

He also considers the visit from the U.S. very satisfactory and a testimonial to Spanish AVE´s technology and years of service.



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