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5/12/06 | VMT

Coca-Cola Celebrates 120th Anniversary With New Product Made In Spain

The Spanish subsidiary of Coca-Cola launched a new product to coincide with the 120th anniversary of the world’s largest soft drink company. The new non-effervescent cola is called Aquarius Version 3, a tribute to the famous Coca-Cola brand, Aquarius.


Coca-Cola Iberia is responsible for developing and distributing the product, which will be bottled exclusively for the European market. The launch coincides with the 120th anniversary of the brand that was created in Atlanta in 1886. Since then, the original soft drink formula has undergone several changes.


There are six Coca-Cola bottling plants in Spain, all Spanish owned and locally operated. The factories employ 5,000 workers and the product is distributed under the brand, Coca-Cola Company. Spain is Europe’s second largest consumer of Coca-Cola. There are 1,145 Coca-Cola bottling plants worldwide. Part of company’s success is owed to the fact that production not centralized.





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