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Spain commits to biotechnology

Spain commits to biotechnology

In this latest edition of the world's most important event for the biotechnology industry, Spain is participating with approximately 108 exhibitors (54 companies and 54 institutions) and 6,600 square feet of exhibition space, making ours the largest country-specific pavilion at the fair.


Exhibitors are distributed in four blocks: three of them represent the bioregions of Andalusia, Catalonia and the Basque Country, while the fourth is set aside for companies from areas without a bioregion and national-level institutions. Financing for this activity is shared between the ICEX and the three bioregions.


Solid growth


Spain's participation has increased significantly since 2006, when it occupied just 90 square meters and was represented by 12 exhibitors. At this year's edition, the total floor space has multiplied notably, along with the number of exhibitors compared to four years ago.


Spanish biotechnology is growing faster than the EU average, making Spain the fifth largest of the EU-15 countries in terms of scientific production in biotechnology behind the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, although the sector is lacking in the development of products and technology, as well as in its application in business (public research represents around 70% of the total).


The execution balance for the 9 years of the Official Pavilion is very positive for the Spanish sector, which has gained confidence in crossing the Atlantic and undertaking commercial and research activities in the US, when their natural market had been Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, the Spanish sector has a good reputation in the US, although it is aware of the limitations in size and resources that it has had so far.


- BIO International Convention 2012


- Catalogue of Spanish Exhibitors


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